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            When I submit my file it never finishes loading and the file does not get submitted.

            Please ensure that the file you are attempting to upload meets the Maximum size for new files. You can find this maximum size by following the directions below:

            1. Locate and click the assignment you are uploading to.
            2. Click Upload Files.
            3. The Maximum size for new files information will be located to the top right of the submission box.

            To determine the size of the file you are uploading simply right click the file and go to properties (Windows) or right click and go to Get Info (Mac). The system should also prompt you if the file you are attempting to upload is too large.

            Your inability to upload a file properly may also be caused by Internet connection issues. Please ensure that you have a stable connection to the Internet and are able to reach other websites. If you continue to experience problems please contact the helpdesk using the links to the right and we can provide further troubleshooting steps.

            Updated: 09 Mar 2015 07:05 AM
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