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            Will a pop-up blocker prevent me from accessing my course content?

            Some areas of the course, such as Assessments and Discussions, use popup windows that Internet Explorer/Firefox may incorrectly identify as ads. Follow the directions below to disable the pop-up blockers:

            Internet Explorer 8

            1. Click the 'Tools' menu option and then highlight 'Pop-up Blocker'.
            2. Click 'Turn off Pop-up Blocker'.

            Firefox 3

            1. Click the 'Tools' menu option, then click 'Options'.
            2. Click on the 'Content' tab in the Options window
            3. Then, click 'Exceptions' after/to the right of the "Block pop-up windows" checkbox.
            4. Type in the moodle address and click Allow.
            Updated: 09 Mar 2015 07:06 AM
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